Unique Fuel Efficiency Features of the Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is known for its excellent safety profile, sharp exterior design, and high-performance engine. While these features definitely compel one to test drive a Grand Caravan, many current Dodge minivan owners are saying the unique fuel efficiency features of the vehicle are their favorite part of owning one.

There are two unique features of the Grand Caravan that help drivers save money on fuel while reducing emissions; the low-rolling resistance tires, and the fuel economizer system. All Grand Caravans come with equipped with specially-designed tires that reduce the amount of resistance needed to overcome to keep your vehicle in motion. This contributes to the Grand Caravan getting up to 25 MPG while traveling on highways.

At Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Portland, we've seen a lot of interest in the fuel economizer system found in all Dodge Grand Caravans. All you need to do to activate this system and increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency, is press the 'Econ' button on your dashboard and the on-board computer takes care of the rest!



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