How Can Transfer Case Technology Help You?

If you enjoy driving off-road or if you need serious hauling capability, then you've probably enjoyed the services of four-wheel drive transmissions and the transfer cases that power them. That said, you may not know how they work or how they can benefit you.

Transfer cases enable SUVs, trucks, and other heavy vehicles to enjoy the benefits of both two-wheel and four-wheel drive modes. The transfer case sits on or near the transmission, and has the power to direct part of the engine torque to all of the wheels, effectively turning regular vehicles into four-wheel drive hill-conquerors.

Transfer cases are complicated pieces of machinery with many moving parts, and thus they need regular inspections and maintenance checks. At our auto service department in the Portland area, we field a team of transmission specialists with the tools and knowledge to tackle all of your transmission inspection and repair needs. Come by today to meet our team.

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