Move From a "Donut" to a Full-Size Spare

When you have a flat tire on the road, you may need to perform an emergency roadside replacement. In many cases, the replacement tire inside your vehicle is a compact temporary replacement, also called a "donut." Donut spares save space in your trunk, because these donut tires are smaller than standard tires. They are designed for limited use only - for example, driving to a service center for a full-size replacement.

Compact temporary spare tires have a speed limitation; they cannot be driven at regular full highway speeds. In fact, long term use can be a real safety problem, causing problems for your car's traction or braking systems.

However, you can make great use of that donut spare to come on in to Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Portland for full-size tire replacement service. We can check all of your tires and make sure you're ready to get back on the road for safe, enjoyable travel.

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