Take Technology with You in the Chrysler 300

We take computers everywhere we go, including our laptops, our cell phones, and our portable entertainment systems. Tablets, Nintendo products, and other things all fall into computers. Even our cars often have processors, and the Chrysler 300 is no different.

While no one will brag about the number of cores in the car's Apple CarPlay system or how many megahertz the processor as a whole has, the owner will brag about the benefits they receive because of the technology. While you travel in comfort, you can listen to Sirius XM radio, stream tunes on Apple, and even manage the car's controls through a touch screen display.

All of the tech features work well for the person who wants to be comfortable while traveling to a destination. After all, isn't any trip more about the journey than the destination? The Chrysler 300 will take the driver and passengers there comfortably.



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