Control in Every Aspect of the Ride With the Dodge Durango

The most important factor in what makes a vehicle a worthwhile vehicle is control. SUVs that are easier to control are the ones that are worth looking into. If you are looking for the easiest vehicle to control at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Portland, we recommend the new Dodge Durango as a powerful and high performing vehicle.

The Dodge Durango is not only a good vehicle to control all by itself but also a good vehicle to use in the case you need to tow something. The towing capacity of the new Durango can be up to 8700 lbs depending on the engine that you are using.

The new Dodge Durango also has the trailer sway control feature which is very helpful when it comes to keeping what you are towing under control. With this feature, brake pressure is applied on different wheels and engine throttle is also adjusted to make sure the trailer is stable.



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