The newest Challenger from Dodge is a popular muscle car that excites anyone who sees it on the road. It garners envy and ample attention thanks to its numerous powerful exterior designs. These designs complement each other to make this muscle car truly one-of-a-kind in the car buying world today.

For starters, the new Challenger comes in exterior colors that are almost unheard of in today's new car market. What other make and model of car can you buy in hues like metallic purple, bright orange, burgundy red or frostbite blue? Further, it comes with obvious badging that alerts you first thing of its brand. This badging is found on parts like the engine and front fender. The brand's name is emblazoned for all to see.

Finally, the new Challenger takes an aggressive stance on the road because of its boxy, sturdy, muscular build. Its look exudes its power and prestige.


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