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Your Vehicle may be worth more than you think. We're buying all makes and models, whether you buy from us or not.

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Save Time and Hassle with Portland CDJR's Trade Evaluator Tool
We understand that trading in the current vehicle can be tough for many of our customers. Many drivers put a lot of effort into maintaining their vehicles and some have a lot of great memories attached. Plus, our dealership understands that you want to get fair value for the car, truck, SUV, or minivan that you are trading in. These are just some of the reasons that Portland CDJR, located at  633 NE 12TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97232-2720, gives our customers the trade evaluator tool. This tool is designed to give our Portland, OREGON drivers an accurate estimate of what their vehicle is worth.

Your Time is Important
Portland CDJR realizes that none of our customers want to spend hours at the dealership. We'd like to think that we are lots of fun to be around, but we know you'd rather spend that time enjoying your new car, truck, SUV, or minivan, or the exceptional used vehicle you found on our pre-owned lot. The trade evaluator tool we have will help you save time and start enjoying your next vehicle faster. One of the things that takes the most time at our dealership is our used car manager inspecting your vehicle. When you complete the trade form, the information you provide will go to our management and the used car manager will just be verifying the details you provided when you arrive at the dealership. This tool will also prevent any surprises. You will go in with a good idea of what your trade is worth.

The Importance of Accuracy
When you fill out the form, be as detailed as possible. The more information you can provide about your vehicle, the better estimate the tool will give you. Try and look at your vehicle with an objective eye. Does it have scratches? Dings and dents? It is fine if it does, and we will still buy your vehicle whether you buy from us or not, but all information is important to getting the most accurate estimate available.

We Are Here to Help!
We want you to get as much for your trade as possible. Please reach out to us with any questions. Complete the trade form today and start the process of getting the best and most accurate trade evaluation possible.