Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Discover an Easier Way to Sell Your Car with the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer

Selling your vehicle isn't always easy, especially when you choose to sell to a private buyer. We can help you avoid the headache of selling your vehicle by providing a convenient selling experience. We serve Portland and beyond by offering the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, which lets you receive a real cash offer for your vehicle by following intuitive steps online.

How to Find Your Instant Cash Offer

Many drivers around Portland prefer to find their Instant Cash Offer with us instead of haggling for a fair price and fielding questions from tire-kickers.  Kelley Blue Book is known for helping drivers discover the value of their cars for decades, and the Instant Cash Offer tool uses market data and an intuitive interface for a trustworthy and convenient way to discover a cash value for your vehicle online. 

The Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer will guide you through each step to help you discover an accurate value for your vehicle. The steps to find your Instant Cash Offer include:

  • Provide your VIN, license plate number, or select your vehicle model.
  • Start by choosing your vehicle's details, such as paint option, engine, and transmission.
  • Give details about your car's history, including information like if you're the original owner and if the car has been in any accidents.
  • You can upload pictures of your vehicle to ensure an even more accurate appraisal.
  • Include your contact information to receive your Instant Cash Offer, and you can choose your next model with us if you would like. 

Get Started

We encourage you to find out your Instant Cash Offer online and choose if you would like to proceed with selling your vehicle to us. Contact us today with any questions or if you would like to complete the selling process.